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ICertified by ISO 14001
Certified by ISO 14001
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We are proud of our business philosophy that declares the coexistence of the global environment, and full participation in environmental protection.

Through the implementation of the different project management, we have achieved the environmental objectives that minimized the impact on the environment in the process of production and services.

    We are committed to adhere to the following policies:
  • Based on the requirements of ISO-14001, we have implemented environmental management systems. The system combines the business strategy and the environmental protection policy that create a friendly environment for the employees,  customers and the community
  • establishment of specific environmental management systems, to set environmental objectives and targets, environmental management programs.
  • comply with relevant environmental regulations, and the environmental standard in accordance with customer requirements,  and the internal management.
  • all staff work together to promote energy saving, resource saving, recycling, and the control to the air pollution, water pollution, noise, toxic substances, and waste, to achieve continuous improvement and commitment to pollution prevention.
  • full implementation of the EU RoHS (Prohibition of the Use of Hazardous Substances) directive to meet the requirements.
  • promotion of environmental policies, continuous improvement of the environment, to convey to all employees, community, suppliers, customers.
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